latissimus dorsi workouts

The latissimus dorsi, or otherwise known as the lat, is
a broad muscle that is located on the back. In fact, latissimus dorsi means
the largest muscle of the back and it is one of the most extensive muscles in the
human body. The muscle is partly covered by the trapezius and its shape
is somewhat triangle. Although latissimus dorsi is rarely stressed in daily
activities, it is an important muscle when performing other regular exercises. Latissimus
exercises that stimulate muscle growth include pull downs, chin ups, swimming,
pull ups. Such work outs focusing on the lat are important for maintaining muscular
balance with other parts of the body plus reduce injury vulnerability to the

For effective latissimus dorsi work outs, the back must be
engaged intensively. An effective example of such kind of exercise is performing
pull ups which will enable the lat to support the body weight in resistance. To
pull your weight, one should stand straight while using the pull bar to swing
the body upwards. While performing the pull up, it is advised to tighten the
grip in order to raise the body as high as possible. … Read more

What is Ebola Virus? Ebola Virus Explained

virus, or EBOV as commonly shortened, is a notoriously deadly virus mostly
known for its fear-provoking symptoms including internal bleeding and high
fever. First identified in Africa, the virus is known for killing over 90
percent of all the people it infects.

Ebola virus
(initially labelled as Zaire ebolavirus) is one of the five infamous viruses in
the Ebolavirus genus. Among the five, four of the ebolaviruses—including EBOV—are
known for causing the oft-fatal hemorrhagic fever (designated Ebola virus
disease) in humans and a number of other mammals. If anything, this is the
fever that’s responsible for majority of the deaths recorded in the wake of the
virus.  … Read more